Classic Arcade Games Show

California Extreme 2004
August 7-8, 2004
San Jose, California

This is a tentative list of games scheduled to show up this year. This list is nowhere near complete, and more games will be added to it as time goes on.

While there are many games at the show for sale, it is not possible to have a list of what will be available for sale at the show. Show up, and go shopping! If you can't wait until the show, and know what you want, send us e-mail and we may be able to locate one for you. This is not a general list of games for sale, although, some may be for sale.


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A "*" next to a game indicates that more of that game are welcome at the show. If you have a game that's listed here that doesn't have a "*", but you want to bring it, let us know!
Video Games:
720 Ken/TJ
Accelerator (Atari Proto) Scott Evans
Akka Arrh (Atari Proto) Scott Evans
Alpine Surfer Ken/TJ
Area 51/Max Force Ken/TJ
Arkanoid Tom Bombaci
Armageddon Ken/TJ
Asteroids Cocktail Eric von Bastian
Asteroids Deluxe Mini Tom Bazzano
Astron Belt Steven Hertz
Atari Arcade Classics Scott Evans
Badlands (atari) Ken/TJ
Badlands (laserdisc) Steven Hertz
Bandido Ken/TJ
Battlezone Frank Autenreith
Battlezone Mini Eric von Bastian
BeachHead Tim Stephens
Beatmania Complete Mix Ken/TJ
Beavis & Butthead (Atari Proto) Ken/TJ
Bega's Battle Steven Hertz
Berzerk Dale Luck
Black Widow Kevin Rhinehart
Blaster (w/ 30 level roms) Scott Evans
Blasteroids Proto Dale Luck
Blueprint Mini Ken/TJ
Bubbles Kevin Rhinehart
Centipede Cocktail Anthony May
Centipede Mini Tom Bazzano
Centipede Upright Ben Gonzalez
Cliff Hanger Steven Hertz
Cobra Command Steven Hertz
Cosmo Gang Ken/TJ
Crystal Castles Mike Louie
Crystal Castles (Proto Scott Evans
Cube Quest Dale Luck
Cyberstorm (Atari Proto) Scott Evans
Dance Dance Revolution Ken/TJ
* Defender Jonathan Koolpe
Defender Cocktail Eric von Bastian
Dig Dug Cocktail Steve Lin
Donkey Kong Aaron Arutunian
Donkey Kong Cocktail Tim Stephens
Dragon's Lair Steven Hertz
Dr Sparks (Atari Proto) Scott Evans
FishLife (Sega Proto) Ken/TJ
Food Fight Jonathan Koolpe
Freeze (Atari Proto) Ken/TJ
Freeze (Atari Proto, Early software) Ken/TJ
Front Line Brett Pulliam
Galaga Jonathan Koolpe
Galaga 88 Ken/TJ
Galaxian Tom Bombaci
Galaxian Cocktail Eric Von B
Galaxy Ranger Steven Hertz
Gauntlet 2 - 2p Mike Louie
Golden Tee Fore Ken/TJ
Gorf Jonathan Koolpe
Gravitar Jonathan Koolpe
* The Grid (2) Ken/TJ
Gridlee Dale Luck
Gumball Rally Mike Louie
Gyro Pong Ken/TJ
Gyruss Kevin Rhinehart
Hard Drivin's Airborne (Atari Proto) Ken/TJ
Hot Rod Rebels (Atari Proto) Staff
I Robot Jonathan Koolpe
Ikari Warriors Todd Endicott
Indiana Jones Jonathan Koolpe
Interstellar Steven Hertz
Irritating Maze Tom Bazzano
Journey Jonathan Koolpe
Joust Cocktail Tom Bazzano
Joust Upright Todd Endicott
Kickman Mike Louie
Klax Mini Proto Ken/TJ
Liberator Mike Louie
Mad Planets Jonathan Koolpe
Major Havoc Jonathan Koolpe
Make Trax Mini Ken/TJ
Marble Madness Kevin Rhinehart
Marble Man (Atari Proto) Staff
Marvel vs Capcom Ken/TJ
Metal Maniacs (Atari Proto) Scott Evans
Midnight Mauraders Ken/TJ
Millipede Jonathan Koolpe's Friend
Missle Command Aaron Arutunian
Missle Command Cockpit Dale Luck
Monkey Ball Ken/TJ
Moon Patrol myself
Ms Pac Man Upright Kevin Rhinehart
Ms Pac Man Mini Tom Bazzano
Neo Geo 2-slot Ken/TJ
Pac Man Scott Evans
Pac Man Jonathan Koolpe
Pac Man Cocktail Eric Von B
Paperboy Kevin Rhinehart
Peter Packrat Ken/TJ
Point Blank Ken/TJ
Pole Position 2 Tom Bombaci
Pong Dale Luck
Pooyan Jonathan Koolpe
Popeye Brett Pulliam
Puzz Loop Ken/TJ
Quantum Jonathan Koolpe
Race Drivin Mini Ken/TJ
Red Baron Upright Dale Luck
Ripoff Kevin Rhinehart
Rival Schools Ken/TJ
Road Burners Upright Ken/TJ
Road Burners Upright Ken/TJ
Robotron Eric Von B
Rush 2049 Tournament Edition (4-8 LINKED!) Staff
Silent Scope Ex Ken/TJ
Sinistar Jonathan Koolpe
Space Ace Steven Hertz
Space Duel Aaron Arutunian
Space Fury Mike Rhinehart
Space Race Dale Luck
Space Wars Ken/TJ
Spectar Thomas Peter
Spy Hunter Mike Louie
Starhawk Ken/TJ
Stargate Tom Bombaci
Stargate Eric Von B
Star Trek Jonathan Koolpe
Star Wars (w/ esb kit) Tom Bazzano
Star Wars Cockpit Anthony May
Striker (Bowling) Ken/TJ
Super Don Quix-ote Steven Hertz
Super Pac Man Tom B
Super Sprint Tom Bazanno
Super Strike Ken/TJ
T-Mek Upright Ken/TJ
TailGunner Ken/TJ
Tapper Frank Autenreith
Tapper Cocktail Anthony May
Targ Ken/TJ
Teeter Torture Ken/TJ
* Tempest Jonathan Koolpe
Tempest (multi-kit) Eric Von B
Tempest Mini (multi-kit) Tom Bazzano
Tenkomori Ken/TJ
Thayer's Quest Steven Hertz
Toobin Ken/TJ
Top Skater Ken/TJ
Track and Field Kevin Rhinehart
Tron Jonathan Koolpe
Tron Mark B
Tron Mike Louie
Tron Cocktail Eric von Bastian
Tutankham Jonathan Koolpe
Vapor TRX Scott Evans
Venture Jonathan Koolpe
Videobox Laserdisc Video Jukebox Ken/TJ
Warlords Jonathan Koolpe
Warrior Ken/TJ
Warrior Frank Autenreith
Williams Multigame Tom Bombaci
Wizard Of Wor Mark B
Xybots Todd Endicott
Zookeeper Jonathan Koolpe

7UP (EM) Helmut Jordt
Addams Family Ken/TJ
Apollo 13 Ken/TJ
Arabian Nights Ken/TJ
Austin Powers Ken/TJ
Black Hole Mark B
Black Knight Mark B
* Black Knight 2000 Mark B
Bride Of Pinbot Mark B
Centaur Mark B
Cow Poke (EM, Gottlieb) Andrew Meckler
Doodle Bug Mark B
Dr. Dude Mark B
Earthshaker Greg Ong
F-14 Tomcat Mark B
Fathom Chris Kuntz
Firepower Mark B
Flip Flop Mark B
Flipper FootballWalter Hurwitz
FunHouse Bob Ellingson
Galaxy Mark B
Getaway Ken/TJ
Hi Score Dale Luck
High Speed Mark B
Hyperball Mark B
Ice Revue (EM, Gottlieb) Andrew Meckler
Jolly Park Ken/TJ
Kingpin (Capcom) Ken/TJ
Lighting Mark B
The Machine: Bride of Pinbot Mark B
* Medieval Madness Mark B
Meteor Mark B
Mibs (EM) Helmut Jordt
Millionaire Ken/TJ
Mr-Mrs Pac Man Eric Von B
Mushroom World Ken/TJ
Paragon (Saturday Only) Dusty Rhodes
Punchy The Clown Ken/TJ
Road Show Kevin Rhinehart
Rock Star (EM, Gottlieb) Andrew Meckler
Rollergames Mark B
Scared Stiff Bob Ellingson
Simpsons Pinball Party Ken/TJ
Space Shuttle Mark B
Star Trek:TNG JB
Star Wars (DE) Ken/TJ
Stock Car (EM, Gottlieb) Andrew Meckler
Strange World(EM, Gottlieb) Andrew Meckler
Superman Dale Luck
Sure Shot (EM, Gottlieb) Andrew Meckler
Swords of Fury Ken/TJ
Taxi Mark B
Time Machine Mark B
Transporter Ken/TJ
Twilight Zone JB
WhiteWater Ken/TJ
Who Dunnit Walter Hurwitz
World Cup Soccer '94 Mark B

The CA Extreme staff


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