Classic Arcade Games Show

California Extreme 2006
July 8-9, 2006
San Jose, California

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This is a tentative list of games scheduled to show up this year. This list is nowhere near complete, and more games will be added to it as time goes on.

While there are many games at the show for sale, it is not possible to have a list of what will be available for sale at the show. Show up, and go shopping! If you can't wait until the show, and know what you want, send us e-mail and we may be able to locate one for you. This is not a general list of games for sale, although, some may be for sale.


Last updated March 4th, 2006

A "*" next to a game indicates that more of that game are welcome at the show. If you have a game that's listed here that doesn't have a "*", but you want to bring it, let us know!
Video Games:
10th DegreeScott Evans
Akka Arrh (Atari Proto) Scott Evans
Arcade Classics (Atari proto)Dale Luck
Atari BaseballDale Luck
AsteroidsDennis Towne
Asteroids Jonathan Koolpe
Asteroids DeluxeDennis Towne
Atari Video PinballRich Fife
Ataxx Chris Kuntz
BattlezoneDennis Towne
Battlezone Mini Eric von Bastian
Beavis & Butthead (Atari Proto) Ken/TJ
BerzerkBrett Pulliam
Black Widow Kevin Rhinehart
Blood Lust (Prototype)Scott Evans
Blaster (Duramold w/30 Level ROMs) Josh Furman
Blueprint Mini Ken/TJ
Bosconian Mini Jonathan Koolpe
Bounty Hunter (Prototype)Scott Evans
Bubbles Jonathan Koolpe
Bump N Jump Aaron Arutunian
Bugertime (Deco) Elijah Jones
Centipede Mini Tom Bazzano
Championship Sprint Tom Bombaci
Crazy Climber Frank Autenreith
Crystal Castles Pedron3
Cyberball (2-player)Chris Kuntz
Dance Dance Revolution (2 player) Chris Kuntz
Darkstalkers Tom Bombaci
Defender Tom Bombaci
Defender (Cocktail) Eric Von Bastian
Dig Dug (cocktail) Joel Steffen
Discs of Tron (Upright) Brett Pulliam
Donkey Kong Steve Lin
Donkey Kong (w/ DK 2 ROMS) Aaron Arutunian
Donkey Kong, Jr. Tom Bazzano
Elevator Action Brett Pulliam
Eliminator (4 player cocktail)Scott Evans
Fast and the FuriousChris Kuntz
Fire Beast (Prototype)Scott Evans
Fire Truck Steve Lin
Fishing FrenzyScott Evans
Food Fight Jonathan Koolpe
Freedom Fighter (Atari lassrdisc prototype never seen before!) Scott Evans
--> Frenzy Dale Luck
Frenzy (cocktail)Panos Koutsoyannis
Front Line Brett Pulliam
Galaga Aaron Arutunian
Gang BustersChris Kuntz
Gauntlet II (4p) Jude Kelley
GorfSteve Lin
Gravitar Kevin Rhinehart
Gyruss Kevin Rhinehart
I Robot Eric Von Bastian
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Jonathan Koolpe
Inferno Jonathan Koolpe
Irritating Maze Tom Bazzano
Journey Brett Pulliam
--> Joust Joel Steffen
Joust Cocktail Tom Bazzano
Joust 2 Jonathan Koolpe
KangarooChris Parks
Kick Mike Louie
Killer Instinct (dedicated) Ken/TJ
Klax Mini Proto Ken/TJ
Klax Tom Bombaci
Liberator Mike Louie
Looping (Mini)Brett Pulliam
Mach 3 Steve Hertz
Macross Tom Bombaci
Mad Planets Jonathan Koolpe
Major Havoc (dedicated)Scott Evans
Mambo A-go-goChris Kuntz
Mappy Tom Bombaci
Marble Man (Atari Proto) Staff
Mario Bros Aaron Arutunian
Marvel vs Capcom Ken/TJ
Metal Maniacs (Atari Proto) Scott Evans
Mickey's Magical Tetris Tom Bombaci
Millipede Pedron3
Missile Command Aaron Arutunian
MK3 Ultimate (dedicated) Ken/TJ
Mookquake (prototype) Scott Evans
Mr. Do! (custom mini) Pedron3
Ms Pac Man Mini Tom Bazzano
Ms Pac Man Joel Steffen
Namco classics (cocktail w/Rally X, Dig Dug, & Pac-Man) Elijah Jones
Omega Race (cabaret) Steve Lin
PacMan Ken/TJ
PacMan (With MAD PAC kit) Tom Bombaci
PacMan (cocktail w/96-in-one kit)Eric Von Bastian
Paperboy Kevin Rhinehart
PaperboyDennis Towne
Piranha (cocktail) Elijah Jones
Pooyan Brett Pulliam
PopeyeBrett Pulliam
QbertBill Esquivel
Qix Eric Von Bastian
Quak (Touch Screen)Scott Evans
Quantum Brett Pulliam
Radikal Bikers Ken/TJ
Reactor Frank Autenreith
RescueJean Baudin
Rip Off (cocktail)Panos Koutsoyannis
Roadrunner (Rare Atari laserdisc prototype. First appearance at CAX!)Scott Evans
Robotron Frank Autenreith
Robotron Jonathan Koolpe
Sarge Chris Parks
Sinistar Tom Bombaci
Space Ace Frank Autenreith
Space Duel Aaron Arutunian
Space Harrier Tom Bombaci
Space Invaders Deluxe Brett Pulliam
Space Wars (rare cocktail)Panos Koutsoyannis
Splat (cocktail)Panos Koutsoyannis
Spy Hunter Mike Louie
Starhawk Ken/TJ
Star CastleBill Esquivel
Star Castle (dedicated cocktail)Panos Koutsoyannis
Star Rider Steve Hertz
Star Trek Jonathan Koolpe
Star Wars (Cockpit) Frank Autenreith
Star Wars Tom Bazzano
Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back Mike Louie
Stargate Jonathan Koolpe
Street Fighter 2 CE HF Tom Bombaci
Super Puzzle Fighter II Tom Bombaci
Tac/ScanPanos Koutsoyannis
Tapper Frank Autenreith
Tempest Jonathan Koolpe
Tempest (multigame) Eric Von Bastian
Tempest Mini Tom Bazzano
Timber Frank Autenreith
Time Pilot Tom Bombaci
Toobin' Tom Bombaci
Track & Field Kevin Rhinehart
Track & Field (cocktail) Tom Bazzano
Tron Joel Steffen
TronDennis Towne
Turkey ShootBill Esquivel
Tutankham Brett Pulliam
Uo Poko Tom Bombaci
Venture Jonathan Koolpe
Vicious CircleScott Evans
Wacko Chris Parks
Warlords (Cocktail) Brett Pulliam
Warrior Frank Autenreith
Williams Multigame Tom Bombaci
Wizard Of Wor Mark B
Xevious Mike Louie
Xybots Mike Louie
Zaxxon Tom Bombaci
Zeke's Peak Kevin Rhinehart
Zookeeper Jonathan Koolpe

2001Michael Schiess
Addams Family Rich Fife
Banzai RunRich Fife
Beat TimeEric Johnson
Black Hole Mark B
Black Knight Mark B
BumperMichael Schiess
* Black Knight 2000 Mark B
Cactus Jack'sBrad Martinson
CentaurBrett Pulliam
Centaur Mark B
CheckpointRich Fife
CongoVictor Ireland
Creature from the Black Lagoon Tim Paule
Creature from the Black LagoonRuben Rodriguez, Jr.
Cue Ball WizardDennis Towne
Doodle Bug Mark B
Demolition Man Tim Paule
Dr. Dude Mark B
Dr. Who Tim Paule
Dr. WhoVictor Ireland
Eight Ball Deluxe Mark B
Eight Ball Deluxe Chris Kuntz
F-14 Tomcat Mark B
FathomRich Fife
Fathom Chris Kuntz
Firepower Mark B
Firepower IIDennis Towne
Flash GordonChris Kuntz
Flight 2000 Mark B
Flinstones Mark Malmberg
Flip Flop Mark B
Four SquareMichael Schiess
FunHouseJames Banks
FrontierChris Kuntz
GalahadChris Kuntz
Galaxy Mark B
Genie Randy Woolf
Getaway Tim Paule
Grand SlamRuben Rodriguez, Jr.
Gulf StreamMichael Schiess
High SpeedRich Fife
HookJoel Steffen
Hyperball Mark B
Indy 500Brad Martinson
Jackbot Tim Paule
Joust Scott Evans
KingsMichael Schiess
KlondikeMichael Schiess
Kings of SteelChris Kuntz
Lightning Mark B
Medieval MadnessRich Fife
Medievil Madness Mark B
Magic CircleMichael Schiess
Magic CityEric Johnson
MedusaChris Kuntz
Meteor Mark B
Neutron Star (prototype)Dale Luck
Op Pop PopRuben Rodriguez, Jr.
Pinball Pool Randy Woolf
PinbotDennis Towne
Road RunnerDale Luck
Rollergames Mark B
Royal GuardBrad Martinson
Sally Mark B
Scared Stiff Bob Ellingson
Silverball Mania Mark B
Simpsons Pinball PartyRich Fife
Slick ChickRuben Rodriguez, Jr.
Slugfest Tim Paule
South Park Tim Paule
Space RidersDale Luck
Space Shuttle Mark B
Speak Easy Chris Kuntz
Spectra IV tabletop pinball Tim Paule
Spectrum Chris Kuntz
Star Trek: The Next Generation Tim Paule
SupermanDale Luck
Tales of the Arabian Nights Mark B
Taxi Mark B
Ten Srike Tim Paule
Terminator IIDennis Towne
The AtariansDale Luck
Theater of Magic Tim Paule
Time Machine Mark B
Twilight ZoneSteve Lin
Twilight Zone Tim Paule
Twilight ZoneRich Fife
Twister Tim Paule
Vector Mark B
Whirlwind Mark B
White WaterBill Esquivel
World Cup Soccer '94 Mark B
World Series Mark B

6 Megatouch countertops Tim Paule

The CA Extreme staff

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