2019 Game Tournaments

Cyberball Tournament

Come try your skills at this very cool late 1980s Atari football-style game that pits futuristic robot players against each other in a very chess-like matchup!

The tournament is again being hosted by the Flipperspiel Underground Arcade Club from Las Vegas.

This will be a blind draw, double elimination Cyberball tournament.

Doubles play on both Saturday and Sunday 
Play begins promptly at 3pm on Saturday and 2PM on Sunday. 
Register at the Cyberball machines anytime before tournament start. 
Exclusive award for the winners!


Street Fighter 3 Alpha Tournament

Fire Mountain Dojo is a retro game tournament company based out of the city of Claremont in Southern California. They run retro fighting game tournaments using arcade boards and aim to host these set ups to as many places as possible.

This year at California Extreme, Fire Mountain Dojo will be hosting a Street Fighter Alpha 3 tournament. It will be run on arcade boards connected to super guns displayed on PVMs. Bringing your own fight stick is encouraged but some will be provided. Tournament Rules are as follows:

- Tournament is free to enter
- Double Elimination
- Best of 3 matches for normal tournament play
- Best of 5 matches for finals and grand finals

Tournament date and time:
Saturday July 27th, 2019
6:00PM:  Sign ups
6:30PM:  Tournament Start


Street Fighter II Tournament

Do you even hadouken?

If you do, then don't miss California Extreme's Street Fighter II tournament! It's our fifth year running a Street Fighter tournament at the show, and we still run things straight old school. No consoles. No LED-d out dual mod sticks. No crazy ass headphones. No players decal'd out in sponsor logos!

It's a straight old school fighting game throw down, run on the same gigantic wooden coffins we competed on in the 90s'!

The Game:  Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting (CPS-1)

Location (sign ups and event) : Street Fighter section on the CAX show floor.

Sign Ups: 1PM, Saturday

Tournament Starts: 2PM, Saturday

Entry Fee: $5

Format: Double Elimination

Player Cap: 32

PlayersPrizes: Top 3 players walk away with money. 60/25/15% pot split.

Matches are best 2 out of 3 games. Loser may choose character, winner must stick with their character.

Rock, Paper, Scissor for player side choice.

We're playing on several different set ups provided by California Extreme exhibitors. There will be some Street Fighter machines you may prefer compared to other cabinets. We will not be able to accommodate cabinet preferences until the later stages in the tournament, when most of the players have been eliminated. If you've been assigned a machine you don't like: suck it up, buttercup!


How long is this gonna take?!?  As long as it takes. We try to get this tournament done as quickly as possible, however, so that you can enjoy the rest of the show and we don't wind up hogging the Street Fighter machines all Saturday.

Why only 32 players?  The combination of Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting machines available at the show, the cramped nature of the show floor, and the time constraints discussed above dictate the player cap. We'd love to run a 64-player tournament, but we also don't want the event to last all night!

Why Hyper Fighting and not (place your favorite Street Fighter title here)  Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting and Super Street Fighter II Turbo are considered the two best titles in the Street Fighter II lineage of games. With that said, Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting is the closest representation of the game the kids from the 90s' played in 7-11. It's simple to understand, easy to play, yet difficult to master. Pulling together the necessary hardware to run Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting is also much easier, and cheaper, to coordinate than Super Street Fighter II Turbo.

Who helps make this happen every year?  A lot of people! All California Extreme staff. 
Specific people: Stephen "Sosage" Kleckner (Head TO), Catherine Kleckner (Keeps TO sane), Sakura Kleckner (Keeps TO sane), Jess Yi (Assistant TO)


Cosmotrons Tournament

Cosmotrons VS Battle Tournament: No Entry Fee. The CAX winner gains automatic entry to the finals of the annual Cosmolympics event. Top players receive Cosmotrons medals. 

Sign up's located at the game from 12 pm to 5 pm.

Tournament starts at 6 pm!


Panic Park Tournament

This will be a crazy event with some twists beyond the usual wackiness of Panic Park. There are some rounds that just call for extra interaction with the player, and your hosts mean to apply it!

You'll have to wait to get the details, but there will be Easter Egg prizes in addition to the cash and of course a cheesy crown for the overall champ.

The plan is to run a 16 player single elimination bracket with a $3 entry, all cash awarded to the top 3 places and other wacky stuff. 

You'll love it, but will need to sign a waiver! 

Planned time for the event is 4 PM Sunday. 

Signup will be at the front desk before the tournament.




Located in the front/side hall

$5 sign up fee to register (cash only) You will receive the following - glossy 11 x 17 event poster, numbered badge sticker, and event sticker given at sign-up (no holding, must take all items at sign-up)

Must provide your first and last name, City and State you live, and e-mail to register

Sign-ups begin when CAX opens Saturday. Late sign-ups ok, just know that tourney ends at 8PM promptly

Tourney begins 12 Noon, ends promptly at 8PM

8 games in tourney (to be announced Saturday morning), if any problems within first 2hrs on game that cannot get fixed, others may be substituted. After 2PM if any game issues, they will be removed and overall list reduced (ex: if one game goes down, then only 7 games left after that count towards overall)

Must submit at least one score on ALL games in tourney to receive placing in tourney. We suggest place any single score for ALL games as soon as possible, then improve on each as needed to get higher ranking overall.

Can re-submit higher scores as often as you like, but must allow other players to play game if waiting.

Live scores updating on monitor in tourney area

Live score updates stop approx. 1hr before tourney ends

Tourney awards announced at table area 8:30PM

Top 10 places receive award certificate and special raffle ticket(s) (10th gets 1 ticket, 9th gets 2, up to 1st that gets 10 tickets) you'll have at least a 1 in 55 chance to win grand prize!


More special prizes to be announced at show!

Special thanks to the event sponsors CAX, Alan-1, GackBuilt, and Aurcade ! 



The World’s Most Moderately Sized Group Match Play Tournament


Lynn’s Arcade and Monterey Flipper Pinball are Extremely proud to host the
Annual California Extreme Pinball Tournament!

Choose from 3 Qualifying Rounds
Each Qualifying Round is Limited to 64 Players!
Initially Seeded by IFPA Rank
9 Rounds of Group Match Play
1 Game per Round
Qualifying Advancement Calculation:
4 Players advance if 8-23 players are Entered
8 Players advance if 24-39 Players are Entered
12 Players advance if 40-55 Players are Entered
16 Players advance if 56 to 64 Players are Entered

Qualifying 1 - Friday, July 26th
Walk-In Sign Ups 4p-6p, Or Until Sold Out
Check-In 4p-6p
Start @ 6p
Qualifying 1 to end ~11p
Top 16 Advance to Quarterfinals

Qualifying 2 - Saturday, July 27th
Walk-In Sign Ups 10a-12p, Or Until Sold Out
Check-In 10a-12p
Start @ 12p
Qualifying 2 to end ~5p
Top 16 Advance to Quarterfinals

Qualifying 3 - Saturday, July 27th
Walk-In Sign Ups 10a-6p, Or Until Sold Out
Check-In 5p-6p
Start @ 6p
Qualifying 3 to end ~11p
Top 16 Advance to Quarterfinals

Quarterfinals - Sunday, July 28th
Top 48 Players [total] from Qualifying 1-3
Check-In 9:30a-10a
Start @ 10a
Seeded by Qualifying
7 Rounds
1 Game per Round
Top 24 Advance to Semifinals

Semifinals - Sunday, July 28th
Starts ~15 Minutes After Quarterfinals
Seeded by Qualifying
5 Rounds
1 Game per Round
Top 4 Advance to Finals

Finals - Sunday July 28th
Starts ~30 Minutes after Semifinals
Seeded by Qualifying
3 Rounds
1 Game per Round
*Choice of Game or Position by Qualifying Seed*
Finals to End @ ~7p

General Rules
Pinburgh Scoring (3,2,1,0)
Swiss Pairing Between Rounds
Meaningful Ties Decided by a 1 Game Playoff

Be Nice
Have Fun

Cash Prizes! Other Prizes! Trophies!
Photos with Stars!
Autographs from somebody we found in the hallway!

IFPA World Pinball Player Ranking Points Awarded!
Top 3 Contestants Win Trophies!

Purse to be Determined - It’s gonna be BIG!!!

Capped at 192 Players!
First Come First Served!!

Located on the 2nd Level at the Cypress Room
You Must Purchase a California Extreme Weekend Pass Before Coming up to Bayburgh

- $50 Entry Per Player -

Pre-Register to Guarantee yourself a Spot!
When pre-registering, you are paying via PayPal.me direct to Cary Carmichael.

In the notes please state:
Bayburgh Qualifying 1
Bayburgh Qualifying 2
Bayburgh Qualifying 3
Your Full Name
Your IFPA # (if applicable)
Your Phone Number
Your Email Address

For additional information related to Bayburgh, visit their website: