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Hi everyone, we hope you're looking forward to this weekend's show.  As part of the festivities, we are premiering the GAME SHOW GAME SHOW with three games:

1) Match Game!  Featuring celebrity panelists!
2) Super Password!  The classic game of word guessing with a puzzle twist.
3) 1 vs 100!  Compete against everyone in the room!

The winners of each round will compete in a trivia final.  For 1 vs 100, everyone who comes to the Game Show Game Show will be eligible to play and win.  For the first two games, we are conducting a brief contestant search.  Two contestants will be selected to play each game.

If you would like to play either Match Game or Super Password, please respond to this post or send e-mail to  In your e-mail, pick one of the two games (Match Game or Super Password) and explain why you would be a good contestant for that game.  If you are applying for Super Password, include the name of a "partner" you intend to play with -- ideally someone who would be interesting to our audience.  Note that only the contestant and not the partner will play in the final round, though the team may win a small prize for winning the Super Password competition.

We will not be selecting contestants at random!  We will select two contestants for each game and two backups.  Note we reserve the right to reject any contestant for our own reasons (such as failure to be as interesting as you promised to be!).  Remember that the purpose of all these games is FUN FUN FUN.

We hope you'll join us for the Game Show Game Show, and have a great time at California Extreme 2010!
- Bowen on behalf of the Extreme Team
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