The 2016 pinball tournament will be run on one bank of games from all eras of pinball design. The top 24 finishers advance to final matches that determine the winners.

Kids and casual players can try to qualify for bonus tournaments only for them, while still eligible for the main events! The Casual Division is reserved for players who have a World Pinball Player Ranking higher than 1000.

24 players make the finals in the main tournament; 8 in Casual; and 4 in Kids'.

Qualifying Hours: Friday 7pm-midnight, Saturday 10am-midnight

Qualifying Format: Modified Best-Game. 5 best results count across 20 entries.

Entry Fee: $40

Finals Format: PAPA-style, 4-player groups, 3 games per round, best 2 players from each group advance each round. All players re-seeded by qualifying seed after each round. In the Main division, the top 8 qualifiers get byes in the first round.

Kids' finals will be held Saturday night at 5:00 pm. Main and Casual finals will begin Sunday morning at 9:00 am.

Prizes: top 24 in Main win cash:

  • 1st prize: 26% of prize pool
  • 2nd prize: 17%
  • 3rd prize: 11%
  • 4th prize: 6%
  • 5th-8th prize: 4%
  • 9th-16th prize: 2%
  • 17th-24th prize: 1% 

Additionally, the #1 scoring player on each machine in qualifying wins a $20 bonus.

Casual and Kids division payouts are TBD.

In the event a player qualifies for the Main finals, that player will be removed from the Casual or Kids' Division, and will instead play in the Main finals.

Important note: there will be no tolerance for abuse of the tournament machines, which are coming from private collections. Similarly, there will be no tolerance for abuse of the tournament officials and scorekeepers, who have volunteered their time. Abusive players will be disqualified from the tournament without refund.

All other rules follow the full PAPA ruleset, including rules governing malfunctions and player errors.

The Pinball tournament will be located in the CYPRESS ROOM

(located at the top of the stairs in the main lobby)


Arcade Outsiders Presents
A Classic Arcade Prototype Tournament!

For the first time ever at CAX, a tournament featuring all prototype and uber-rare arcade games!  You can register on-site at any time during the tournament, but we recommend you sign up ASAP so you can submit as many scores possible.  You can also go to to pre-register.


  • One time fee $5 - good for entire time of tourney, unlimited attempts at high scores - single fee covers all 3 separate tournaments
  • Start time 11:30 AM
  • Finish time 7:30 PM
  • Group Photo & Awards Ceremony  7:30-8:30 PM (location to be finalized, probably at Courtyard or possibly Conference Room)


  • Prototype Main Event (12 games, to be announced at start time) MUST SUBMIT AT LEAST ONE SCORE ON EVERY GAME IN TOURNAMENT FOR PLACING & AWARDS
  • Uber Rare Raster (6 games, to be announced at start time) MUST SUBMIT AT LEAST ONE SCORE ON EVERY GAME IN TOURNAMENT FOR PLACING & AWARDS
  • Rare Vector (6 games, to be announced at start time) MUST SUBMIT AT LEAST ONE SCORE ON EVERY GAME IN TOURNAMENT FOR PLACING & AWARDS
$5 entry fees goes into prize pool. Prize amounts based on total entree fees collected.
Any detailed rules or changes to be determined by head referee Clint Wilder. 




The awesome Panic Park Panic Tournament will once again return to California Extreme

You don't want to miss this!!

Tournament times and official rules for this tournament will be coming soon!  



Another year, another CAX, another Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting tournament.


  • Sign ups are at 1PM, Saturday, inside the show floor at SF2 heavy area
  • Tournament starts at 2PM, Saturday
  • Entry fee is $5
  • 32 player cap (first come, first served)
  • Double Elimination
  • Top 3 get a percentage of the pot
  • Matches are best 2 out of 3 games. Loser may choose character. Winner must stick with character.
  • Rock, Paper, Scissor for player side choice
  • We're playing on several different set ups, with two different board types (some CPS-1 boards are slightly quicker than others). Until the brackets have eliminated enough players to make it convenient for contestants to choose a preferred machine, you have to suck it up and play on the machine that you're assigned.


  • How long is this gonna take?  As long as it takes. I *try* to get this tournament done as quickly as possible for a few reasons. Primarily, no one wants to spend all CAX in a tournament (it's why I avoid the pinball tournament). Also, there are people who paid to come to CAX who want to play SF2. I don't want us hogging the machines the entire show. Wham, bam, a few hours later, thank you ma'am!
  • Why only 32 players?  See above. It helps keep the tournament quick. Also, although I get a lot of help from the KLOV community when it comes to equipment, I rarely have enough set ups to make increasing the bracket feasible.
  • Why Hyper Fighting and not (Super Turbo/Third Strike)  Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting, next to Super Turbo, is considered one of the best releases of SF2. It's also much cheaper and easier to obtain boards for, as well as being much more accessible to the average person (Super Turbo is where the game starts to get complicated). I respect Third Strike, but it also suffers from being more complicated. This is an arcade show, not EVO.



Paul Dean will once again be hosting a high score competition. (The Star Wars Series – Extreme Settings  - High Score Challenge) at California Extreme.  (Both games will be played on the Hardest Settings) the scores of both games will be added up for the final results. (No Continues Allowed.)

The goal is to have a California Extreme competition on Saturday, July 16, 2016 from 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm on Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back produced by Atari Inc. The high score contest involves the combined scores of Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back for a grand score total. The highest combined scores wins first place, etc.

Also there will be a Meet and Greet with some of the great players from the 80's such as Paul Dean, Michael Klug and many others. We may have other surprise guests show up as well if they can fit it in their schedules. Some interesting competition high score prizes as well as cash to include a Pac-Man cabinet wall display signed by Billy Mitchell, Billy Mitchell Hot Sauce and Commemorative Posters, A Star Wars Poster, Flynn's Arcade Tokens, T-shirts by Michael Klug and other unique (CAG) Classic Arcade Gaming items, upon availability. This Star Wars competition will be a competition of skill requiring pin point accuracy in playing as well as defending your life in these new extreme settings with the Star Wars games at their highest difficulty.

Prizes and World Record Holders subject to change if unavailable. This should be a great high score contest and get together with some of the Guinness Legends of the 1980’s.


The California Extreme (Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back Extreme Settings High Score Challenge) is a one day contest. Hours are from 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm on Saturday, July 16, 2016

All high score competition game play must be completed by 5:00 pm.

All prizes must be picked up immediately after the contest is over.

All competing video game players must read and sign the rule sheet and release any liability from Paul Dean as well as pay the $10.00 contest fee in order to play in the CAX (Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back Extreme Settings High Score Challenge) High Score Contest. The $10.00 fee allows you to play both games twice in sequence. You can pay an additional $1.00 which will give you two plays (buy-ins) to improve your scores.

Games to be played until all lives are lost. (1 credit only) (No Continues)

You may play two games per $10.00 entry, and unlimited (buy-ins) at two games for a $1.00 is permitted as many times as you want to buy in within the contest time frame with referee present. There will be blocks of time when the games will "not" be available for play such as during the Marquee Name seminar etc., and other time frames for referee meal breaks, etc.

After you complete the game you must call the referee over before leaving your game so the referee can confirm your score. Your combined score total will be compared to other players combined scores.  Only the top score of each player will count and only the top 8 scores in the competition will be recorded. There is no practicing during tournament times.

If another player is waiting to play the game you are playing you must let them play after your game is over and wait your turn until the game opens up again.

No player may disturb another player when they are playing or disrupt the high score competition. If this occurs it may be deemed by the referee that the player will forfeit their chance to participate in the competition and will lose their entry fees.

All of the referee's and judges decisions are final and the player will abide by these decisions.

The basic rules of play will follow the Twin Galaxies guidelines however this is not a Twin Galaxies High Score Contest and there is no affiliation to Twin Galaxies.

If two players have a tie in their combined scores there will be a high score playoff to break the tie in which both players will replay both games.

Only a players highest score on each game will be considered for the high score competition.

If you are a Star Wars Series Pro there is a 20 minute time limit per game. You must tell Judges you are a Pro before starting so we can time your games.

The referee may pull one or more of the games in the competition at any time without prior warning without any notice or refunds of prizes if that happens to occur.  One example would be a motherboard that will not boot (bad roms) properly.

If you have any questions or concerns about the competition please ask for clarification "before" you begin or find a referee to explain the ruling to you when a problem occurs.

The player will not hold liable the negligence of any participants or negligence of others involved in the contest for accidents, breaches of contract or other forces of this July 16, 2016 Paul Dean CAX  (Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back Extreme Settings High Score Challenge) Competition.

Your full name and signature are required on the rules page.

All high scores and related press releases as well as photographs of individuals in this event or in the proximity of this event can be used by the sponsors of this event “without compensation” by the individual who's name or photo may be used to promote this event now or in the future.


Cash    Payouts        Additional Prizes

1st      $50.00           1. Pac-Man Cabinet Wall Display signed by Billy Mitchell (Brand New)
2. CAX Expo Grab Bag of Sponsors Classic Arcade Game Related Merchandise
3. Billy Mitchell signed 2016 Poster & Hot Sauce 

2nd     $25.00           1. Star Wars Poster
2. Billy Mitchell signed 2016 Poster & Hot Sauce 

3rd      $15.00           1. Flynn's Arcade - Bag of Disney California Adventure Park Collectible tokens
2. Billy Mitchell signed 2016 Poster & Hot Sauce 

4th      $ 5.00            1. Billy Mitchell signed 2016 Poster & Hot Sauce 

5th      $ 5.00            1. Billy Mitchell signed 2016 Poster & Hot Sauce 

6th                            1. Billy Mitchell signed 2016 Poster & Hot Sauce 

7th                            1. Billy Mitchell signed 2016 Poster & Hot Sauce 

8th                            1. Billy Mitchell signed 2016 Poster & Hot Sauce 


Sponsors: Paul Dean is not eligible for any of the high score prizes.

Total Cash Monies Payout for this 2016 high score event: $100.00

Contest: July 16, 2016    12:00 pm – 5:00 pm – Prizes to be handed out at 5:00 pm.

May the Force be with you!