Have something to sell? California Extreme is pleased to have spaces available for you. Please read the guidelines below.

Vendor Information

  • Spaces start at 10' x 10' and up.  Pricing for the space is dependant on the amount of space requested.
  • Tables and chairs will be provided with your space (tables are 8 feet long).  The tables do not have any skirting.
  • Spaces are usually placed along the wall.
  • Outlets are provided along the wall.
  • During the show, the lighting is turned down to a low level. You are encouraged to bring your own lighting if needed.
  • One weekend pass is included with each vendor space.  Additional passes may be purchased.
  • Please note our policy that no pirated software, ROMS, or boards are allowed in the show.

To request pricing or more information, please contact us at

Note: If you are selling games, please let us know when you contact us.

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